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VolvoVolvos are sturdy vehicles that can handle just about anything you need, especially if they’re maintained properly. Here at Motor City Euro Repair, we’ve got the experience handling Volvo maintenance to keep your Volvo running for hundreds of thousands of miles.

What Are Volvo Maintenance Schedules Like?

Volvo believes in keeping schedules simple for Volvo owners. Volvo maintenance windows are in 10,000-mile spans. Sticking to these maintenance windows for your Volvo helps to ensure that no service is forgotten or left out. The recommended services for your model of Volvo are listed in the owner’s manual. If you do need a Volvo repair, it’s best to find out during regular Volvo maintenance rather than getting stranded somewhere unsafe.

When Do You Need a Volvo Oil Change?

It’s recommended that you get a Volvo oil change roughly every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. Sticking to this schedule helps to ensure that you’re protecting your Volvo’s engine and keeping it both lubricated and clean. If you notice oil collecting underneath your Volvo or your oil light appears, it’s time to bring your Volvo to Motor City Euro Repair in Farmington, MI so we can troubleshoot for you.

How Can You Tell There’s a Problem with Your Volvo Engine?

Problems with a Volvo engine are rare, but they can happen. It’s best to stick with your Volvo maintenance schedule, but problems can always crop up in between Volvo service visits. If you’re noticing any new sounds coming from your Volvo’s engine or you just feel that the Volvo is driving differently, that can be an indication of trouble. If you see the Volvo engine light on your dashboard, it’s definitely time for a professional to take a look.

Finding Reliable Volvo Service

It’s vital that you have reliable Volvo service that you can count on in a pinch. Motor City Euro Repair in Farmington, MI can help with any type of Volvo repair problem you might encounter, from Volvo brake issues to much more complicated issues. Our three-year, 36,000-mile warranty ensures that you can count on the parts and the labor involved and we stand behind our work.

Volvo Service Near Me

Trust your Volvo maintenance to Motor City Euro Repair. We take pride in making sure that your Volvo is going to keep running for hundreds of thousands of miles with proper care over its lifetime. Our passion is European vehicles, and we want yours to run just as well as it did when you first brought it home.

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