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AudiDriving an Audi is a unique experience, even among luxury European vehicles. You want to preserve that feeling for as long as possible, and that means ensuring that your Audi is in good hands any time that it needs repairs or servicing. Motor City Euro Repair can handle all your Audi repair needs!

What Do You Need to Know About Audi Repair & Maintenance?

Your Audi is a high-end luxury European masterpiece, and it needs maintenance in order to live up to the exacting standards of its manufacturer. The key to maintaining your Audi is to keep up with routine maintenance according to Audi’s recommendations.

Audi Oil Change Farmington MI

Audi oil changes are recommended every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. This is crucial because engine oil circulates with two main goals. First, the engine oil helps to keep your Audi’s engine cooler. Second, engine oil helps to keep dirt, grime, and debris out of delicate engine parts, protecting the engine even further. Motor City Euro Repair in Farmington, MI knows how important oil changes are to your Audi continuing to perform to the highest standards.

Audi Brake Service Farmington MI

Keeping your Audi purring along is all well and good, but it needs to be able to stop, too. Brakes are one part of your Audi that wears out consistently. They need to be checked periodically for wear and replaced as soon as possible once they do become worn. Depending on how often you drive your Audi and your driving style, you may want to have your Audi brakes inspected a couple of times a year.

Audi Engine Farmington MI

Your Audi’s engine is the epicenter of the entire Audi driving experience. The smallest details matter, whether your Audi is suddenly overheating or you’re noticing a vibration that wasn’t there before. We have all of the professional diagnostic tools to get to the root of any Audi engine problem you might be having and we can get it fixed properly for you.

Audi Repair & Service Near Me

Servicing your Audi properly and professionally is important to Motor City Euro Repair. We’ll always tell you exactly what’s going on with your Audi and what needs to happen in order to ensure that your Audi repair goes smoothly. Our three-year, 36,000-mile warranty means that you can trust our repairs to be exactly what you expect or we will make it right. Your happiness matters to us.

If you’re noticing anything that isn’t running quite the way it should with your Audi, make sure you stop by Motor City Euro Repair in Farmington, MI so that we can do a proper inspection.

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