Meet the Team

At Motor City Euro Repair in Farmington, our team of auto repair technicians hold themselves to a very high standard. Every one of our auto mechanics holds similar values about doing right by our customers.

For example, although auto manufacturers recommend mileage maintenance to replace air cabin filters after 2-years or 24,000-miles, we will look at the condition of that filter and make recommendations to our clients based off of what we see, versus a blanket recommendation. This is one of the small examples why our clients trust our care and service. Our team of auto technicians can sleep well at night, knowing that we do high-quality, honest work. We enjoy being fair and ethical. Even if we can charge more, we don’t believe in taking advantage of people. We follow the golden rule here at Motor City Euro Repair.

Another example is our community involvement. We are dedicated to making our local community a better place, and that is why we are involved in supporting schools and the need for future skilled trades. The school systems can always use support from local businesses, and that is why we are dedicated to assisting with automotive training courses for high school and college students.

Ever wonder what the people around Farmington think about Motor City Euro Repair? Here’s a five-star review you might like:

“I’m very glad I chose Motor City Euro Repair. They are professionals from the start and their work is impeccable. Having a 5 star experience is worth my time and effort to drive the distance. Thanks to Tony and all the guys” — Jeff S.

Meet Our Team

Blanard Jarbo

Blanard Jarbo – Owner

Blanard started working on cars with his dad when he was young. Going to work with dad at the junkyard and crushing cars was a fascinating thing to see. He always collected the cool model cars with the sleek lines that were displayed in his bedroom. He got into high school and took the automotive classes because he wanted to understand how to take things apart and put them back together. While a senior in high school, he worked at the Sellers Buick-Pontiac-GMC dealership, as a service porter, waiting to move up the ranks. Blanard would end up working with his family and becoming a shop owner at the young age of 24. Today, Blanard’s passion is offering young men and women the opportunity to be properly trained so they, too, can have a successful career in the automotive industry.

We would love to be your go-to auto repair shop in the Farmington area. Give us a call or make an appointment online today. Motor City Euro Repair is located at 22455 Farmington Rd., Farmington MI 48336. We’re open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.

Mike Vroman

Mike Vroman – Lead Technician

Mike started wrenching on cars in 1987 at Bill Cook Automotive (which is now Suburban Imports of Farmington) when he was 18 years old. He started as a Porsche technician and he also worked on Lotus, AC Cobra, Mazda, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Audi. Mike joined Motor City Euro Repair in 2006. He started working on cars on his own and his passion allowed him to excel very quickly. Mike likes to spend time with his kids, either fishing, gardening, or teaching them his trade. His favorite car is a 1992 Porsche 911 Turbo, like the fat-bodied one from the movie, Bad Boys. His favorite movie is Ronin with Robert De Niro, where he drove the Audi S8. His favorite part about the job is working on Audis and BMWs.

Becca Wade – Service Advisor

Tyler Hart – Automotive Technician